My new site is up and running with Hugo on Azure!

My old website was powered by WordPress, which was fantastic for getting a website up and running fast with no experience prior.. but after a while, the lack of customization was really fustrating. A few of my colleagues recommended that I try out Hugo.. I’m loving it!

Installing Hugo on my machine was very easy, I followed the instructions on their website: Installing on Windows. Next was finding a theme I liked and wanted to start experimenting with. This was probably where I spent most of my time! All themes should have user documentation that help guide you through exploring the theme, how to customize, and even give you an example website so you know how your code should look like.

After playing around with the code for a few days, there were certain aspects of the theme that I wanted to have full control over, but there were no features that allowed me to change the interface. (Still, way more customizable than WordPress). Taking it a step further, I found it really fun to dive into the code and find/manipulate the html and css to get the desired look to the website. It’s also a great way to learn about front-end and get your feet wet.

This was such a great experience for me diving into front-end development. It’s my first time learning about static site generators and Hugo is such a fun place to start! With the help of @Howlowck, I even made a few PRs to the theme’s repo on GitHub! I will continue to improve this website and contribute to the theme’s open-source code along the way.

Thanks for checking out my website - Huge thanks to Hao and Rae for teaching me about SSGs, Hugo and getting my site up and running on Azure!

TL;DR: I have a new website.